Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial installations

At North East Commercial & Domestic Electrical Services Ltd, we undertake all commercial installations and maintenance services. Our professionals perform checks to confirm that your office adheres to all safety standards.

Commercial electrical services and maintenance

N.E.C.D.E.S. Ltd has been accredited by the competent authorities and we can deliver all commercial electrical services to businesses across North East England. Our electrical workers are qualified to perform any job as per your company requirements. 

We undertake scheduled maintenance tasks, by carrying out a consultation with you to fulfil your requirements accordingly. Our electrical workers are knowledgeable and experienced and they can get the work done in minimum time. 
Domestic work
Commercial electrical services
For any commercial installations at any office across North East England, call North East Commercial & Domestic Electrical Services Ltd on 
07518 864 143
Accident prevention

Accident prevention 

At N.E.C.D.E.S. Ltd we believe that accidents can be prevented by following all the rules and regulations laid down for safety. Our electricians conduct methodical safety checks with an intention to protect your office from any unfortunate incidents.   

Our commercial electrical services include investigations at regular intervals to check if all safety regulations have been followed. They make professional suggestions so that you reach all compliance levels with regard to safety regulations. For more details on accident prevention get in touch with our team today.
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